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Signature Stereo Power Amplifier from YBA…

The Signature Stereo Power Amplifier has an appearance which is refreshingly understated with no control buttons to be seen and an oval level indicator taking us to times past. Capable of 600W into 8 Ohms in bridged mode, this amp is not at all lacking in power. Signature Stereo Power Amplifier features XLR inputs in both stereo and mono together with RCA stereo input, the amp has 2 sets of outputs per channel.

The circuit utilised in the Signature Stereo Power Amplifier is completely symmetrical; this cancels any defects introduced via the power source, minimises parasitic ground currents and avoids a need for passive components within the signal path.

The number of components has been minimised; the signal traverses only transistors. No passive components alter the original purity of the musical signal. The input stage is of the complementary double differential type; it is followed by a pre-driver stage, which allows the adaptation of the impedance and initial amplification of voltage. The pre-driver stage is followed by a third stage, that completes the amplification of voltage; it distributes the current and voltage necessary to the output stage, that is directly coupled to the speakers.

The geometry of the circuit has been optimised to reduce the distances between components and the connecting wires to the absolute minimum: only a few centimetres at the input and output of the amplifier. The transformers are suspended in order to reduce the transmission of their vibrations to the rest of the amplifier.


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