YBA Signature Pre-amplifier


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The Signature pre-amplifier offers an array of inputs, both analogue and digital. The power to the digital section can be switched on/off depending on the source being used. The RCA inputs are numbered one through 5, with input 5 having a bypass feature, activated from the remote control.

The Signature pre-amplifier also has a balanced input plus a dedicated MM phono input. The three digital inputs (Coaxial, Toslink and USB) automatically adjust to any of the standard digital-audio data-rates from 16/44.1KHz to 24/192KHz. The Signature pre-amplifier can be used with a PC as a source by downloading a driver to the PC. This is only necessary for use with Windows operating systems – no download is required if using a MAC.

In the centre of the embossed YBA logo on the front panel is a standby switch which responds to the touch of a finger, power having been switched from the rear panel. The source selector rotates through 10 different inputs and phase and mute switches are on the right hand side along with the rotary encoded volume control.


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